maandag 21 maart 2011

Logo McDonalds

For this entry I'm going to describe and give my opinion about the logo of McDonald, because in my point of view it has the most recognizable logo for corporate identity. The famous Golden Arches in McDonalds logo represent style, significance and a strong corporate identity. It was created by Jim Schindler in 1962 and the idea was first introduced by Dick and Mac McDonald as arch shaped signs on the sides of their then ‘walk-up hamburger stand’.

Nowadays the logos arches are well known throughout the world. Whether you're on the highway or on vacation in India the arches are seen around the world and the logo represents the corporate identity out of proportions. This was a big factor that played a role for the companies massive enhancing. What I like is that the logo of McDonalds exactly  does what it supposed to do. It gives a response to the people and gives them the urgent desire of eating something simple in a limited time.  This is what McDonalds sets as one of their goals. What I also really admire is the logo just being one letter. There are not many to none companies that can do this and get a response from customers like the way McDonalds does. Therefore it is one of the most powerful and successful logos in my opinion.

In conclusion I can say, that McDonalds came up with a logo that can’t be called recognizable any more. It has become a standard in society. The way they have a logo just including one letter and get the desirable response from customers, makes it one of the best logos in the world.  

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